Our Team


Leigh Caruana  Director

Leigh Caruana Director

Leigh has worked in the Fire Protection Industry since graduating from high school. He was employed as a Trainee Draftsman where he completed Advanced CAD courses. He then moved to be the Senior Draftsman within the company in which he calculated & designed Fire Protection Systems for numerous properties.

Having also worked in the Retail Industry for a number of years, Leigh was able to gain extensive inside knowledge in a wide range of advertising, sales and customer service. He was regarded as a valuable employee, held with high responsibility until his departure in order to focus on his involvement in the Fire Protection Industry.

Due to this wealth of knowledge and experience in both Fire Protection Industry and the Retail Industry, Leigh has now moved into marketing, where he has the ambition to supply and deliver fire protection products to save both property and life.

Venu Panicker Marketing Manager

Venu has worked in a diverse range of businesses, from engineering & construction to communications and brings over 20 years experience within sales, marketing and services. With over 11 years experience in the Fire Protection Industry, Venu has been able to develop long term strategies to increase sales and profitability for his previous organization. There he was the driving force and was successful in creating visibility and brand recognition in the overseas markets. Trained to understand the solutions and framework of the industry, Venu can look at project specifications from a technical point of view which includes the logistics of implementation and delivery.

With his wide range of skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for new and innovative products, Venu has now come to FireXit where he is able to put his skills to the test in making FireXit products accessible to the public.